Broken Links

We used to have a lot more information on this site, which we are slowly getting back up and running. Unfortunately, we still haven't had the chance to migrate much of the old web site over yet. There are several pages which are linked to from a number of places on the internet, and we don't have the ability to fix the broken links (because they are on other web sites) or put new web pages in exactly the same place as the old pages (due to limitations in the google web hosting service). The most popular of these pages map to the new site as follow below: 

 Old LocationNew Location Content a computer controlled solder reflow oven (for making circuits) from a toaster oven. Casting a solid epoxy shell around a flash drive (and matlab code for turning .DXF files into G-code files for CNC milling) How to etch a printed circuit board easily using a laser printer to print the copper-mask. This is the easiest method I have found of making simple circuits for prototyping. not yet re-added to this siteObfuscating mailto: links
(and how to make a honeypot) not yet re-added to this site Something about Boot Camp 1.1 (?). not yet re-added to this siteCustomizing HTML forms

not yet re-added to this siteHow to make & use a cheap vacuum former at home. I made replacement side panels for my motorcycle. not yet re-added to this site Gallery of photos about our Nighthawk motorcycles

not yet re-added to this siteInformation about our Nighthawk motorcycles