We work on many small projects, and we like to post about the small things in life that we are able to work out, with the idea of helping others solve similar problems.

In Dec. 2010 I figured out how to import/sync my contacts into my LG GS390 cell phone (also known as the AT&T LG Prime GoPhone).

In May 2010 I spent a bit of time optimizing a matlab program for reading in (loading) STL files into matlab.

I made a CNC toaster oven for reflowing solder to make surface mount circuit boards. 

Back in 2005 I learned how to mill copper clad boards to make custom printed circuit boards. (This doesn't work very well)

In 2004 I made a little Matlab program to control the PicoPic servo motor controller. At the time there was no easy way to get the picopic working in Matlab (Used to be sold at http://www.picobytes.com/). Sadly, the picopic seems to no longer be sold. Perhaps I should make a little multichannel servo-controller board? I created the Picopic Matlab toolbox. Instructions are inside the README.txt file and the individual functions. Essentially, this just allows you to do what is listed in the manual. I will probably not be updating this, but you can email me if you have any questions (Version 1.00). 

Basic Stamp Utilities for Linux
I like the basic stamp, and wanted to get my stamp 2p to work with linux, so I contributed to this set of utilities a while back.