Unlocking the AT&T LG GS390 Prime GoPhone (for free)

posted Dec 27, 2010, 4:04 PM by Francis Esmonde-White   [ updated Mar 10, 2011, 12:08 PM ]
I have been looking around the web for a few weeks now trying to figure out how to unlock my AT&T LG Prime phone. I often travel to Canada, but the AT&T GoPhone prepaid service doesn't work in Canada. Since I already have a nice cell phone, I wanted to unlock the phone for use with Canadian prepaid networks.

Searching Google for "unlock LG prime phone" is like dropping into an abyss of nearly identical commercial services. I started shopping around, and found a bunch of places that offer cell phone unlock codes (I think the cheapest I found was around 10$). I didn't really want to spend any money on the unlock codes, but my local Radio Shack wasn't able to unlock the phone for me.

Today I went into a local AT&T wireless store, and asked them about it. It turns out to be extremely simple: I called 611, spoke to an AT&T customer service representative, and she gave me the unlock code. It was fast, and the representative was really helpful.
  1. The first step was getting the IMEI number, by dialing *#06# on the keypad, which immediately displays the IMEI number.
  2. I read the IMEI number to the service representative, who (after 2 minutes) then gave me the unlock code.
  3. I wrote the unlock code down (being careful not to make any mistakes: if you enter the wrong number 10 times the phone will lock up completely).
  4. Next, turn off the phone and remove the AT&T GoPhone SIM card out of the phone. Put in a SIM card from another cellular network (such as one from a friend's phone who doesn't use AT&T GoPhone service), when you turn on the phone it will boot up and display a message about the phone being restricted ("Invalid SIM. Network Lock"). Select the 'unlock' button at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Enter the unlock code that the AT&T representative gave you, then enter it again.
  6. The phone will display "Your phone is unlocked"
  7. Turn off and put your original GoPhone SIM back into the phone.
  8. Turn the phone on. It will now be back on the AT&T network, but also unlocked from the AT&T network, so you can use the phone with other networks.
I have included a video below of someone else unlocking their phone. Remember: you can get the unlock code for free from AT&T, you don't need to buy it online.

Also: Some people on YouTube don't seem to realize that the code shown in the video will not work for their phone. The code is different for every phone, you will need to call AT&T for your own phone!

Edit: Lots of people seem to be looking for the following sentence: ' "invalid sim network lock" lg prime.' This is an error message that appears when you put a non-AT&T SIM card into the LG prime. It just means that the phone is rejecting the SIM card because the phone is locked to the AT&T network. If you want to use the phone with another network, just call AT&T and ask them for the unlock code.

LG Prime Unlock Video