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General Interests

As scientists and engineers, when we run across small everyday problems that don't seem to be solved, we try to solve them. If we can, we like to share our solutions with others. Some of the small things we run across in life are posted on Francis's blog, other projects we work on are posted at our small projects and other diversions page. We're also currently pursuing glider pilot licenses, and we have posted the materials from our soaring course online. We're also putting some of our recipes online.

About Francis

Francis is currently a post-doctoral fellow with Michael Morris in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Michigan. He completed his doctoral studues in 2008 at McGill University in the Department of Chemistry, studying practical methods for measuring and correcting for light scattering in visible and near-infrared tissue spectroscopy. Francis enjoys playing squash and cycling. His many other interests include programming, and designing and constructing systems with mechanics, optics and electronics. Francis's publications and presentations.

About Karen

Karen is currently a post-doctoral fellow with Dr. Blake Roessler in the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Michigan. She completed her doctoral studies in 2009 at the University of Michigan in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, where she developed Raman spectroscopic methods related to the early detection of osteoarthritis. Karen enjoys long-distance running and squash. She also enjoys growing orchids, cooking, practicing Iyengar yoga, taking photographs, writing and reading. Karen's publications and presentations.

Francis and Karen also enjoy scuba diving and motorcycle riding (on their antique Honda motorcycles).

Broken Links

We used to have a lot more information on this site, which we are slowly getting back up and running. Unfortunately, we still haven't had the chance to migrate much of the old web site over yet. There are several pages which are linked to from a number of places on the internet, and we don't have the ability to fix the broken links (because they are on other web sites) or put new web pages in exactly the same place as the old pages (due to limitations in the google web hosting service). The most popular of these pages map to the new site as listed on the Broken Links page.

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